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What we do?

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Company History

Our company has been included in many outsourcing project for USA, Netherlands, Croatia and Switzerland. We still work on medical software out to USA, web applications for Netherland clients and Swiss clients. Also, working for clients in Macedonia is not excluded. We have many clients that are famous in our country (ex. www.maklektor.org official lector association in MK). What we do? We offer (almost) any kind of software solution. Usually, we do web projects, android projects, but also and desktop applications, network solutions and designs (print, web and graphic). 

2.Strategy Vision

Vision & statement

We want to grow in a company that will change the world for better. That’s why our slogan is “We Code The Future!”. Our vision is to make life easier for people and much funnier.

Mission statement

BMG Universe has one and only mission: to answer to all your needs and requests concerning the digital world and to enable You an easier way to be part of it.


Trust. Priorities. Responsibility.

Business goals & objectives

To become company with many successful ideas in the market. Our clients to be satisfied with our products and to give good word for us.

3.Products & Services


All kinds of software: Web, Embedded, Desktop and Mobile apps


IT Consulting, Web site maintenance, Network maintenance, etc. Business competitiveness Quality, Good communication, Low cost, Enthusiastic developers, etc.

Принт Дизајн

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Принт Дизајн - Од идеја до финален Продукт

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Веб Дизајн и Развивање

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Веб дизајн, развивање, хостинг...

Повеќе: Веб Дизајн и Развивање


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Software solutions for any purpose 

Повеќе: Софтвер




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